Women’s Horror Stories Are Almost Blind Because of Acne Pick

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Women’s Horror Stories Are Almost Blind Because of Acne Pick

You must have often heard advice not to squeeze pimples. But maybe because of exasperation or feeling acne is ‘mature’, you are tempted to try to force it out. But it should not be too often done. In addition to causing hollow scars, there is a risk of you experiencing more fatal side effects. Like the story of this woman’s horror is almost blind due to acne pemet.Mencencet or remove acne is actually quite common actions done by the dermatologist though. But of course with a sterile and professional handling. If not you could have experienced an incident like this woman named Katie Wright. Seeing the enlarged acne, he tried to squeeze it. But unfortunately, the effect of the action was less pleasant.

A week ago, I decided to squeeze something that I thought was a big pimple under the skin because it had been a pain lately and it became very painful for me to let it go. Within an hour, my face was instantly swollen and very sore. It feels like something is exploding from my skin, he said on Twitter account.

Apparently the lump on the face that Katie squashed is not a pimple. The lump is a serious infection caused by the use of makeup. It is said if Katie is infected because of wearing a dirty eyebrow pencil brush. I was rushed to the emergency room and they (the paramedics) said it was a pretty serious case of Cellulitis, which is another version of Staph infections, but unlike Staph, it results in a deep cellular network with no major source to attack, Katie said. Because it’s in my face, there’s a big risk of it spreading to my brain or my eyes then causing me to be blind. This is very serious, he added.

Infections are apparently indeed arise in the ‘triangle of death’ is at risk. Triangular zone around the mouth to the middle of the eyebrow is indeed dangerous if infected. For that, remember not to pick any acne in the area. If the inflammation of acne spreads, there is the potential for blindness or stroke. Now with antibiotics, we will not let the infection get to that stage. To be sure, if the acne enlarges and becomes a problem, you should immediately meet a dermatologist or doctor. And these infections are easy to cure with antibiotics, says Dr. Sandra Lee, known as Dr. Pimple Popper. (ami / ami)