Understanding Perceived Pain of Cancer Patients


Understanding Perceived Pain of Cancer Patients

If there are relatives or friends who have cancer, you may often wonder what they feel. If there are complaints of pain, how painful is it? By understanding the pain and complaints of cancer patients, then we will better understand their condition and provide appropriate support. Associated with pain felt by cancer patients, said Prof. Dr. Darto Satoto SpAn (K), a pain expert at the Jakarta Pain & Spain Center (JPSC), usually arise if the cancer has reached an advanced stage. "" The pain arises if the cancer is already at an advanced stage or in stage 3-4. All types of cancer have the potential to cause pain, "Prof Darto said at Jakarta Pain & Spain Center (JPSC), Jl Buncit Raya No 9, South Jakarta, Wednesday (7/12/16).

Pain usually arises from the suppression of cancer mass. It also can arise due to side effects of cancer treatment such as chemotherapy, surgery and drugs. Read also: These Diseases Can Make Someone Paralyzed and Unable to Move Actually the level of pain experienced by a person can vary because it is influenced by a number of factors such as the type of cancer suffered , the stage and the sensitivity of the patient itself to the pain. Pain itself is included in the category of mild, moderate and severe, If it includes pain in the weight scale would make it difficult for patients to perform daily activities. The pain experienced cancer patients can generally be controlled through various ways and drug delivery. The faster the treatment, the more likely the pain is resolved, the greater the pain.In mild to moderate level of pain, can be overcome with the treatment of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs. While in severe pain can be overcome with a group of narcotic drugs such as morphine, codeine and others. With appropriate pain control, then the quality of life of cancer patients will also be higher. So the pain in cancer is not removed, but controlled

Pain that reduced levels can improve the quality of life of cancer patients. They can move as usual. Because the pain inhibits its activity, "" said Prof. Darto.Read also: Recognize, Therapy That Can Overcome Pain Cancer Patients

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